Let's make progress in Science together...

Your participation makes big changes in the world; you will have a part in all the aid and help humans will get as a result of this project and the other projects using the results of this one. Your time and participation is valuable and we deeply appreciate it.

Since we study human mind and language learning in humans, a big part of this project enjoys experimental studies with humans. Therefore we have a close relation and communication with a wide range of participants. The main groups of participants are Language Learners, Language Teachers, and Parents of children participating in our studies.

If you are invited to participate in our studies and you are searching for information about your participation, please choose which of the options below describes you the best.

Data Protection & GDPR Concerns

As a participant all the data collected about you will be stored on the servers of KTH University within Sweden, European Union. The data collected with Google Forms will be saved on Google servers and by the end of survey they will be permanently deleted from Google servers and stored on the KTH University servers within EU for the duration of this project.

Before you participate in any experiment or interview, you will receive a comprehensive description of the Data privacy protocols including:

  • What data we will collect about you,

  • For how long they will be stored,

  • Where they will be stored,

  • For which purposes your data will be used,

  • Who will have access to your data,

  • All the protocols with which you can manipulate and have control over your data, such as deletion, change access, move server, etc.

You will receive all these information about your participation in a consent form where you can read and ask your questions about it before the experiment and data collection and if you do not want to agree you could withdraw your participation. For the interviews, you will receive the informations at the beginning of the meeting and we will proceed if you agree with the terms.

For our project we follow the General Data Protection Regulation compliance of KTH Royal institute of Technology. If you would like to know more about it, please refer to their page here: KTH GDPR.