Covid-19 Impact. We follow guidelines of Swedish Public Health Agency and at the moment we cannot make personal visiting appointments. If there is a need for physical presence such as participating in the experiments, you will be given full safety instructions and measures to be followed.

Time System. The working hours are all weekdays from Monday to Friday and 09:00 to 17:00. Please consider that we are located in Central European Time (CET) zone (+01:00 UTC) and all the hours, visits usually fall into working hours of this zone. Communicating with us, if you have time zone difference please state it if necessary so we could plan according to your time zone.


  • [A]cademics: Researchers and Collaborations

  • [P]ublic: Everyone interested in participation, requesting information, GDPR and data concerns.

Visit us


Personal visiting is possible if necessary by making an appointment.

Room 508Division of Speech, Music and Hearing,KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Lindstedtsvägen 24,SE-100 44, Stockholm,Sweden


[P] [A]

Always feel free to communicate with us through email. We would try to answer at most within a working week.

Online Meeting


You could easily book an online appointment with this button which drafts an automatic email for booking. Sending that email we will contact you for the appointment.

If you would like to call us on phone, a fixed Swedish phone number will be available here from mid April. Please come back then for the number.